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Our Actions in Response to COVID-19

Jamon Montessori Day School will be following all state and local, as well as CDC guidelines to stay safe from COVID-19. Below are some of the precautions we are taking to maintain a healthy learning environment. 

Temperature Checks

Parents will take the temperature of staff in front of staff, with a clear barrier in front of them as the staff member reads the thermometer

Daily Hand Stamp

Certified students will have hand stamped immediately

Limited Access

Access to schools will be limited to students and staff

Arrival & Dismissal

Drop off & pick up procedures will be modified for physical distance

Face Coverings

 Face covering will be required and for staff and encouraged for all students, when feasible


Increased intensified cleaning will occur in the building with high touch surfaces and classroom materials. An electrostatic machine will be used upon delivery each day


Students will be assigned to pods during the school day, with no more than 15 people to a group.  Teachers will rotate and students will remain in their designated classroom

Daily Health Screenings

Parents will be asked a series of Covid-19 health screening questions each morning for student to be certified for entry

Hand Washing

Increased hand-washing will be done throughout each day

Physical Distancing

There will be increased spacing in buildings and in classrooms with fewer students in spaces.  Signage will be used to encourage and remind everyone of social distancing

No Supply Sharing

Students will use their own basic materials: pencils, crayons, markers, etc. 

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizing stations will be at the building entrance and available in the classroom

Lunch Items

All lunch items will be disposable, including bags.  Everything for lunch that is not eaten or used, will be disposed of

Field Trips

Field Trips and School Assemblies will be restricted, unless done virtually

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